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It can be magical travelling with a toddler and seeing the world through their eyes but it can also be difficult if they struggle to sleep in unfamiliar surroundings.  The best toddler travel beds can be a life saviour and make your travel with toddlers so much more enjoyable as they have the same portable toddler bed to sleep in all the time so end up sleeping much better

I am Australian and my husband is British, he is also a professional travel photographer so when my little one was born he was destined to be a traveller.  We first took him away at 4 months of age and he has travelled regularly since but the first couple of trips were difficult as he struggled sleeping in unfamiliar hotel cribs that was until we discovered an inflatable toddler bed and portable cribs.   We now always travel with our own kids travel bed (a portable baby bed when he was a bit younger) and we have put together this guide to help you find the best toddler travel bed solution.

Our top pick for the best toddler travel bed is the Shrunks toddler bed.

This toddler blow up bed inflates in only 30 seconds with an electric pump and is super light at only 8 pounds (including the pump).  I love how this is a toddler air mattress with sides to keep your child safe during the night and how you can tuck sheets in under the mattress.  See below for my full review on the Shrunks toddler travel bed.

Best toddler travel beds comparison chart 2018

Here is a quick overview of the best toddler travel sleep otpions, keep reading below for my full toddler travel bed guide.

Why purchase a toddler travel bed

As I mentioned above, one of the best things about a kids portable bed for travel is your child being able to sleep in a bed they are familiar with no matter where in the world you are.  This gives your little one security and comfort, not to mention you can save money as you won’t need to book accommodation and pay for an extra bed or be caught out where the hotel your staying at doesn’t have any cribs available.

A portable toddler travel bed is perfect for once your child outgrows their portacots.  In fact, a child travel bed can be a great alternative to portacots as they can be quite heavy and bulky and not so easy to travel with.  A portable travel bed is much lighter and portable.

The only negative with a small portable bed, is of course you have to put it up and pack it away as you travel and it is yet another piece of equipment to carry with you.

Different types of toddler travel beds

There are three main different types of toddler travel sleeping beds:

1. Pop up Toddler Bed

This style of portable child bed is quick to assemble and provides your child with not only a bed to sleep in but a portable room too.

2. Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed:

This is the most common type of portable toddler mattress.  The toddler air mattress requires you to inflate it by using a hand or electric pump and to deflate it when no longer in use.  The kids air mattress tends to be the best portable bed for air travel as they are light and compact.  However they are usually not as comfortable as some of the other options.

3. Folding Toddler Bed

This style of portable bed for toddler use, tends to be more bulkier and heavier than the kids inflatable bed, but they also tend to be more comfortable and don’t require inflation. Due to their bulk, the kids folding bed is best suited as a kids camping bed or sleeping over a friend’s house.

How to choose a toddler travel bed

There are a range of things you need to consider when purchasing the best travel bed for your child.

  • Age Range: One of the most important considerations is how old your child is, as you will need to choose one of the toddler travel sleep solutions that is appropriate to the age of your child. If your child is younger than 2, it is recommended that you use a baby travel bed, like a travel cot or travel crib
  • Size: With regards to size, this relates to how compact or bulky the children’s portable sleeping bed is when packed away.  If you are purchasing a bed for air travel you will require something light and compact to pack in your suitcase.  However, if the portable child travel bed is for road trips than you can get away with something bulkier.
  • Comfort: Following on from size, the bulkier the children’s travel mattress the more comfortable it tends to be, whilst the more compact the less comfortable. You can get a portable toddler bed with sides, which is something to consider for children who roll around a lot when they sleep.  Sides on the bed will keep them in the bed rather than on the floor.
  • Ease of Use: The best portable toddler bed is super quick and simple to both set up and pack away, make sure the one you purchase is easy to set up too.
  • Safety: Above everything else, the kid’s portable mattress needs to be safe for child. All the beds mentioned in this review meet strict safety standards.
  • Cleaning the bed: The best kids travel bed is easy to clean.  Some beds include removable covers which are machine washable, whilst others you simply wipe down.

Top toddler travel Beds guide


Here are my recommendations and full toddler travel bed reviews.  Keep reading to decide which is the best toddler travel bed for your child.

The Shrunks Toddler Bed 

The Shrunks toddler bed is ideal for older children and is great for staying in hotel rooms or as a toddler sleepover bed.

This kids air mattress is super comfortable with a soft plush mattress and doesn’t squeak as you move around due to the soft flocking on top ensuring the perfect night sleep

The Shrunks travel bed is a toddler air bed with sides, which is a great feature to keep kids in bed all night and from preventing them rolling onto the floor.  Whilst the ability to tuck sheets under the mattress keeps them nice and cozy through the night.  Better yet you can use any standard size sheet with the Shrunks inflatable bed, so no need to purchase any specific sheets.

The Shrunks Inflatable toddler bed includes an electric pump and inflation and deflation is a quick 30 seconds.  A carry bag and repair kit for the toddler air bed is also included

This is a great purchase and given its extra length compared to the other beds in this review, you will get many years of use out of it.

>>Click here to check the price and read more reviews<<

Hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed with Safety Bumpers

Another well rated and popular choice among parents for the best air mattress for toddlers is the Hiccapop Inflatable toddler travel bed.

This kids air bed is easy quick to inflate taking around 30 seconds with the included electric turbo pump.  To deflate the kids blow up bed simply use the quick-release valve, and fold and roll it and your good to go. You can then store kids blow up mattress away in the included carry bag.

This is a durable child air mattress bed using Hiccapop’s inlay-enforced vinyl which is 40% thicker than most other air beds.  Hiccapop claim that it is basically puncture proof!  Great choice for the best toddler mattress to last rough play!  It also includes reinforced welded seams and a heavy-duty air valve to ensure against air leakage.

The kids will get a great night sleep in this children’s air bed with the velvet flocked mattress and the extra-large build in bed rail bumpers ensuring they won’t accidently roll out of bed.  You can also use standard size crib sheets on the air bed so no need to purchase anything special.

Given this children’s inflatable bed is on the larger size, you will get plenty of use out of this item with kids being reported to being using it up to the age of 7 years old.  Despite being a good size, it is also compact enough to easily be placed on the floor in a hotel room.

The Hiccapop Inflatable toddler bed is the perfect all-rounder toddler travel bed.  Great for sleep overs, camping with toddlers as well as being perfect for air travel.

>> Click here to check the price and to read more reviews <<

Regalo My Cot Portable Travel Bed


If you prefer a foldable toddler bed perfect for a toddler camping bed or sleepovers, the Regalo My Cot Portable Child Travel Bed is a popular choice

This fold up toddler bed is made of steel and plastic with reinforced canvas bed liner included and a washable sheet.  A carry bag is also included.

Whilst this kids folding bed doesn’t have sides, it does have a slight dip in the centre which keeps your child from falling off during the night.

The Regalo Portable Toddler Bed is super easy to set up, simply snap it into place and fold when you are ready to move on.

Whilst it is possible to check this kids folding bed in as luggage for air travel, it is better suited to as a children’s camping bed or for sleep overs.

 >> Click here to check the price and to read more reviews <<

Leachco BumpZZZ Travel Bed


This Leachco BumpZZZ travel bed is another great option for those parents who aren’t too keen on a children’s blow up bed and wanting one of the portable toddler beds with rails.  This is a lightweight cushioned bed with sides which you can easily fold up for travel.

This kids fold up bed is quite a large size, providing your little one extra comfort and the sides will prevent children from rolling out of bed during the night, great as a travel bed for toddler still in crib at home.  Another great feature is the centre pad and outer bumpers are removable for washing.

When not is use as a bed, the Leachco travel bed folds over to form a seat, so it also is a great place for kids to read or play.

Of course being a child’s fold up bed and not an inflatable travel bed, it is not very compact and is better suited to road trips or sleeping over family and friend’s houses as opposed to air travel.  However it does come with its own carry bag so is still reasonably portable.

>> Click here to check the price and to read more reviews <<

The Shrunks Outdoor Toddler Travel Bed


If you are looking for a super compact kids travel mattress, the Shrunks Outdoor Toddler Travel Bed is a good choice.

At only 25 inches wide, this is the narrowest children’s inflatable mattress on our recommendations.  The compact design of the bed makes its perfect for narrow hotel rooms or when camping.

This children’s blow up mattress comes with a super comfy sleeping bag which attaches onto the mattress, whilst the top zippered layer can be completely detached.  The sleeping bag is durable and water resistant on the outside whilst soft and snuggly on the inside with the fleece lining.

For added security and comfort the Shrunks air mattress comes with sides to prevent your child from rolling out of bed during the night.  Like all of the Shrunk beds, the bed doesn’t squeak as you move around due to the soft flocking on top ensuring the perfect night sleep.

This Shrunks toddler air mattress comes with a compact spring-loaded foot pump and inflation and deflation time is approximately 2 minutes.  A carry bag and repair kit is also included.

>> Click here to check the price and to read more reviews <<

 Intex Kidz Travel Bed


The Intex Kidz travel bed is for tiny toddlers and as an infant travel bed.

This Intex toddler bed has sides that go the entire way around making it the perfect bed for transitioning little ones from portacots to travel bed.  The mattress is actually separate from the rest of the bed so you can easily tuck the sheets in under the Intex toddler air mattress to keep little ones cozy all night.

The Intex inflatable toddler bed comes with an air pump which inflates and deflates the mattress quickly and easily.  It is quite compact when deflated and perfect for fitting into luggage for air travel or in the back of the car.  The Intex travel bed also comes with its own carry bag.

Read any of the Intex Kidz Travel Bed reviews and you will see that this Intex toddler travel bed is well rated among parents who have purchased this item for their children.

>> Click here to check the price and to read more reviews <<

 Milliard Portable Toddler Bumper Bed


This is a great new childrens fold out bed from the guys at Milliard.

Being a fold out toddler bed, there is no need to fuss about with inflation and deflation, just unfold and its ready for your little one.  Its super portable and is easy to travel with and when folded up it acts like a suitcase, so you can keep your child’s pjs, blankie and pillow in there too

This folding travel bed features a durable outer material and a soft cozy velour inside which creates a cozy sleep environment for your child.  The softer bumper sides also keep your child in bed all night and prevents them from rolling out.

The mattress cover is waterproof and removable for machine washing so its super easy to keep clean and included is a fitted sheet to keep the mattress cleaner still.  The outer polka dot canvas is not only cute and durable but it is easily wiped clean too.

Whilst the Milliard Portable Toddler Bumper Bed is not ideal for air travel, this foldable travel bed for toddlers is perfect for sleep overs and road trips.

 >> Click here to check the price and to read more reviews <<

Peapod Plus Infant Travel Bed


This Peapod Plus Infant Travel Bed is ideal for parents who want a travel bed that their infant can grow with – this bed is big enough for a toddler.

This pop-up travel bed is super lightweight, easy to carry in its own bag and can be set up in seconds.  At the bottom is a sleeping pad which provides cushioning for your child

Given this is a toddler travel bed tent style, your child not only has their own bed, but their own private room.  This style of bed is perfect if your travels take you in the outdoors, you can even take it to the beach or the park if your little one needs a nap during the day.  The lightweight mesh promotes air flow as well as acting as an insect screen and the top provides UV protection

Another great feature of this travel bed is it comes fully assembled with a sleeping pad snapped to the underside of the floor.

This Peapod travel bed also makes a great bed for air travel as is packs up compactly and can fit into the bottom of a suitcase.

>> Click here to check the price and to read more reviews <<

AeroBed Mattress for Kids

If your kids are a little older the AeroBed is a good choice as it is recommended for children 4 years and over.

The AeroBed mattress is made from durable, heavy duty PVC with electronically welded seams.  So you know you are purchasing a good quality item, which will last.

To ensure the kids stay on the mattress during the night there is a built in 4-inch-high surround safety cushion which will prevent them from accidently rolling off.

Included with toddler bed air mattress is a thick mattress pad with a washable cover – the kids will love the pretty moon and star designs, as well as a pump which will have the mattress inflated in under minute.  Deflation is even quicker at around 15 seconds.

Your kids will get years of use out of the AeroBed mattress.

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