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The best travel high chair is invaluable whether you are travelling overseas, having dinner at your favourite local restaurant, visiting family or on a camping trip.  Having your own portable highchair is so much easier than trying to balance a wiggly baby or toddler on your lap, it also provides a safe place for baby to eat or play whilst you are out and about.

There are a variety of portable high chairs for sale all claiming to be the best portable high chair.  In order to help you choose the best portable chair for your little one I have put this guide together comparing some of the best travel chairs currently on the market. Whether you are after the best portable booster seat, the best hook on high chair, a camping high chair or maybe just the best value cheap portable high chair for baby you will no doubt find the best travel chair to meet your requirements below.





Here is a quick overview of our recommendations for the best portable high chair for travel.

The table below will give you a quick comparison between our top picks.  For more information and to help you determine which is the best portable baby high chair for your family, keep reading for the more detailed portable high chair reviews.





A portable baby chair looks like an ordinary high chair except without the legs and usually straps onto a chair or clips onto a table.  A travel high chair seat is basically a highchair that is designed to be taken travelling and they are far more compact chair and transportable than a typical high chair. A child travel high chair is often referred to as various things including a portable high chair seat, a portable feeding chair, a child travel chair and various other similar names. A portable travel high chair is great not only for travel but also for small living spaces, for a spare chair at Grandmas place or for taking out to restaurants etc.


Types of Travel High Chairs


There are plenty of different travel high chairs on the market, but they can basically all be put into one of three categories either a hook-on chair, a booster seat or a fabric high chair that wraps around the chair.  Let’s look at the various types a little more closely.  


Travel Booster Seat

A travel booster seat is a type of chair somewhat like a typical booster seat in that it is a portable booster seat that attaches to the chair.  Unlike a typical booster seat though they fold up nice and compactly. A travel high chair booster seat is great as they are super easy to use, can be used anywhere (including planes and other public transport).  The best travel booster seat for eating will come with a tray or provide enough height for your child to eat from the same table as everyone else. A portable booster chair is usually only suitable for children from around 9-12 months of age.

Clip on Highchair

A clip on highchair is a compact high chair that attaches to the table, it is also sometimes known as a hook on highchair. A hook on table high chair is suitable for babies from around 6 months of age and is a great chair to have your baby right up at the table with everyone else. The down side of an attachable high chair, is they are not always able to be connected to all types of table.


Portable Fabric High Chair /High Chair Harness

A portable fabric high chair is a folding portable high chair that is a piece of fabric that wraps around both your baby and the chair. They are often called folding bag chairs or a portable cloth high chair.  Sometimes they are even referred to as a high chair harness. A fabric travel high chair is great as they are super lightweight and the easiest out of all the travel high chairs to carry around.  Sometimes they even double as a baby carrier and sleeper. Unfortunately though, a cloth travel high chair is not always practicable as they are only suited to older babies and don’t provide baby any height to eat at the table nor do they provide baby with their own tray table.  

What to consider when choosing the Best Portable High Chair



Of course with any product you purchase for your child, the portable travel seat you purchase must be safe for your child.  Ensure the transportable high chair you purchase for your child is suitable.  For younger children consider a harness, even a 5 point harness travel high chair to ensure they have the support they need. Consider the chair or table that you will attach the travel chair too and ensure it will provide a secure and sturdy space for your child.



If you are purchasing a travel baby chair for air travel you will require something light and compact to pack in your suitcase.  However, if the portable baby seat is for road trips than you can get away with something a bit heavier and bulkier.  


3.Ease of use

The best portable baby chair will be super quick and simple to both set up and pack away.  It is recommended that you practise the set up a few times before using it whilst you are away on a trip.  



Given you are most likely going to use the travel booster seat for eating, you want to ensure the one you purchase is easy to clean.  The best travel high chair booster seat will be easy to wipe down or have a removable machine washable cover that can be cleaned.  Chairs with various pieces and nooks can prove to be difficult to clean.  


Our Pick of the Best Travel Chairs in 2018  





The My Little Seat Travel High Chair is another top-rated portable baby chair harness among the various baby travel high chair reviews.

Like the Yochi Yochi, this baby and toddler chair with harness is suitable for babies who can sit unassisted to children around 35 pounds.  It includes a 5-point harness with reinforced fabric and seams as well as coming in a variety of modern designs. Parents will love how this travel feeding chair is machine washable and folds down to the size of a nappy as well as coming in its own matching bag making it is super easy to carry around.

Great for travelling or eating out at places that don’t have high chairs easily accessible. With the My Little Seat Trave High Chair there is no need to pack a bulky baby travel high chair, this little product is the perfect compact travel high chair.


>> Click here to check the price and to read more reviews <<



The Inglesina high chair is another highly recommended hook on chair and at 4.2 pounds is the lightest hook on chair in our recommendations. 

A great choice if you want not only the best high chair that attaches to table but the lightest as well. With its universal twist-tight couplings, the Inglesina travel high chair is suitable to most tables with a thickness of up to 3.5”.

This table clamp high chair is easy to transport with its fold flat closing system and has a carry bag which is attached to the bottom of the seat which also adds extra padding.

Other great features of this foldable baby high chair include the lifted backrest and firm seat as well as a handy rear pocket.  Parents will also love that the cover is both removable and hand washable.

If you are after a portable chair with a tray, the Inglesina portable high chair has a dining tray as an optional extra.

Reading various hook on highchair reviews, many parents recommend it not only for family trips but also for everyday use.

This clip on feeding chair is particularly useful for families after the best high chair for small spaces.

This folding travel high chair is suitable for babies between the ages of 6 months and 37 pounds.   


>> Click here to check the price and to read more reviews <<



The On-The-Go Booster Seat is one of the plastic self-inflating portable folding high chairs for babies and toddlers that is a breeze to set up. Press the valve, and it inflates into a sturdy and comfortable booster seat. Once mealtime is over, press out the air and fold down the back. Easy as that!

Given this is a portable booster seat for eating – you will love that it is made from plastic so that cleaning is easy-peasy – you can simply just wipe any mess right off!

This portable booster seat is fitted to a chair using 2 straps – one going underneath the chair, and one going around the back of the chair.

For safety, this travel booster chair has an adjustable safety belt with T-restraint to help hold your child securely. It also has a soft seat to prevent any sore bottoms.

Weighing 1 pound, this is the lightest travel booster seat in our reviews.

Along with being compact and lightweight, it includes a self-carrying handle that makes it easy to travel with.

It is suitable for babies aged over 9 months and weighing up to 50 pounds.

>> Click here to check the price and to read more reviews <<



The Brica GoBoost Travel Booster Seat from Munchkin is perfect for travelling parents or for families who eat out regularly.

With two sets of adjustable straps for securing the unit, this portable booster seat can be safely and securely anchored to most chairs, from folding chairs to kitchen furniture. Special traction pads provide a no-slip grip on chairs for increased stability, whilst the 3-point harness/lap belt helps to secure the little one in.

Parent’s will just love the under-seat storage. You can pack it with the essentials to bring with to be ready for mealtime.

You could even use it as a mini-diaper bag.  Pack a few diapers, some travel wipes, bottles, and leave the big bag at home.

This travel booster is very portable with a strong and stable internal frame and only weighs 2.54 pounds. It folds neatly and is a great compact size for travelling, which is made even easier with the convenient travel strap with shoulder pad.

This travel booster seat is stable and secure with a strong internal frame accommodating a toddler or child up to 50 pounds.

>> Click here to check the price and to read more reviews <<



The Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat from Fisher Price is perfect for growing little ones and one of the most popular portable high chairs for toddlers on the market.

The front and rear straps of this Fisher Price portable high chair fit easily and securely on most kitchen, dining and restaurant chairs. It straps on at the back and the bottom of the chair making it very secure yet easy to remove.

The seat is hard moulded plastic that has lap straps to keep your little one seated while eating.  For extra room the seat back is removable, which is perfect for older toddlers.

The Fisher Price travel high chair has no crevices that will trap crumbs, plus it’s surfaces are easy to wipe clean.

This is a portable highchair with tray which is easily removed and can be inserted into the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

The snap on tray cover lid with the built-in sippy cup holder keeps baby’s feeding surface clean.

With all these great features it is easy to see why this is such a popular portable baby booster seat.

This 5.38 pound travel booster high chair is a great option if you dine out a lot with your toddler. With the ability to adjust to three different heights to suit a range of table heights.

For easy travelling, the back of the seat folds down and the easy to adjust over-the-shoulder strap makes transporting easy as can be.

The maximum weight recommendation for this travel booster seat is 50 pounds.

This portable feeding booster seat is a perfect choice for families wanting a travel high chair with tray for meal times.

>> Click here to check the price and to read more reviews <<


The Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Seat is the perfect way to include children in on the action at the table at home or whilst eating out.

This travel booster features sturdy metal legs that adjust to three height positions, a removable tray that adjusts to three positions (and is dishwasher safe!), and a three-point harness for safety.

This chair can used self-standing or it can be secured to most dining chairs via the two straps, which also have Velcro loops to manage the excess length.

The anti-slip, non-marking rubberized feet on the bottom of this travel booster chair help keep it from slipping off the chair.

A bonus is that this portable booster seat is made from plastic – therefore the surfaces are easy to clean.

The quick set-up, compact flat folding and the handy carry strap make this portable booster seat easy to take along to restaurants, on holiday, or to visit family.

The weight is 6.65 pounds. The Chicco travel booster seat is suited for children who can sit up unassisted and weigh up to 50 pounds.

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