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London is a city full of wonders for visitors of all ages, and having done it a few times, there are a whole host of things to do in London with babies.


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Rough Outline


Ride a London bus – one of the great icons of London readily recognisable even to little ones, same for red telephone boxes, black cabs they’re on lots of toys – mention him seeing Chelsea Pensioner, having a baby chat with him unforgettable, Sam fascinated by it

Parks – Green Park – place to rest, have a picnic, sit down, let him crawl, roll about, explore the flowers, the open air, etc

Somewhere to eat – plan it out – you can end up going a long way without finding anywhere to eat in London, despite there being so many places – with a baby the absolute last thing you want to be doing is searching blindly or somewhere to eat or rest with a poor howling little one getting more and more upset – so plan out where you’re going to be going, where places are nearby

Wowmum – app – where you can change baby

Don’t be too ambitious

Brixton Market – Sam loved the Caribbean food

Soft play


Museums – Sam loved the V&A most

Exploring a church – Sam at St James Piccadilly – an unexpected one the first time we took him to London, around seven months old – our little man has always loved space to explore, and on one of our toilet runs to Fortnum and Mason, had  wander into St James’s Church Piccadilly almost next door, he just wanted to get out of my arms and roll around which he did on the carpeted area near the high altar. The ladies from the church whom I met there were wonderfully welcoming, one of them said it was wonderful to see him so keen to explore like this.

Battersea Park Children’s Zoo

Boat trip on Thames

DLR to Greenwich – driverless train, excitement of going over river Thames to Greenwich without driver, look through front window of train

Vauxhall City Farm or Hackney City Farm

Corams Fields, Bloomsbury – playground / play area


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